Since 1876, Chantelle has developed an exceptional know-how. The craft, expertise and ‘secret’ are passed on from generation to generation of seamstresses throughout the years. This offers women everyday underwear made of rich fabrics and with the most precise fit, similar to a Couture design.

More than 130 years of expertise to achieve perfection…one second to experience it.

Soft Stretch

Soft Stretch offers a second skin effect that makes you feel as if you aren’t wearing anything. Available in briefs, vests, camisoles, full length slips, bandeaus, bralettes, body and crop tops in continuity and seasonal fashion colours.

Made of a very stretchy material these briefs adapt perfectly to all body shapes from size XS-XL (dress size 8-16).  Innovative process retains fabric’s stretch.  Available in 5 shapes in continuity and seasonal fashion colours.